American Girl Voice - Ellie!

I am Ellie and I LOVE doing voice work! I started in theater when I was much younger and fell in love with acting, singing, dance and all things related to performance. From the stage I started doing some commercials for a radio station when they needed a kids voice. Turns out they liked my work and now I regularly do radio commercials! What else do I do? Lots! Commercials, narrations for books, voice overs for apps, animation, explainer videos, jingles, audiobooks. I hope you enjoy my website AND I hope that I might be the American Girl you hire for your next voice project!!

Find Me on Fiverr

Have a look around my website, I have many samples of the projects I've done for radio stations, app developers, animators, authors, educators and much more! If you would like to work with me you can find me on Fiverr! It's the easiest and fastest way to for me to get started on your project AND I complete many projects for as little as $5.


Here are some samples of my latest work. I have done everything from commercials, animated voice overs, apps, explainer videos, educational voice overs, game apps, narration, and I've even done some voice over work for EXTREMELY difficult scripts of foreign languages and medical terms.

Who doesn't like dragons?!  I've done a several episodes of Draglets of Makara as the dragon Pop.  Check it out!

This project was for Invisilign (the company that makes invisible braces).  It was younger patients just getting their new device

Fun project I was able to voice for an aunt making a video for her niece... Kimberly!

This is one of the first video games I was involved with.  Ginko is your guide to the dinosaur world

I'm very excited to be the voice of Kimmy of Mobile Legends.  For this project I worked in a remote



In addition to doing voiceover work I can also produce anything I record. I want to make your project a success so I know there is an expectation to deliver the services you need. Don't see something you need? Let me know!

  • Professional Voice Recording
  • Voiceovers for Commercials
  • Voiceovers for Video
  • Music added to the voiceover
  • Animation voice projects
  • Voiceovers for apps
  • Professional Voice Recording
  • Voiceovers for Commercials
  • Voiceovers for Video
  • I can sing for your project!
  • Voiceovers for powerpoint
  • MP3 or WAV files
  • I can split your project into separate files
  • Different Emotions
  • Sound Bites

I want to work for you!